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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

all u guys who've been comin to my blog u are reallly realllly sweet ... n though i miss bloggin ... its just really hard to start again ... n i dont know ... i guess in a way ive learnt my lesson abt writin too much in my blogs ... n writn stuff which are too personal ... n right now life is too personal to put in the blog ... so i guess in a way ... for now.... this is goodbye ....

i love u guys .. if i come back again ill tell u all .... :D

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

a pretty pair of confusing shoes...

marriage is like a pair of shoes... it may look pretty but only the wearer will know how it feels ...

thats what my sis said to me consernin marriage .. a marriage could look perfect to the people watchin but only those in the relationship will know how it really is.. how it really feels like... my sis also did say she didnt think it was wise for ppl to marry too young ... too young meanin before 22 or so .. n that probably is true but ive always wanted to marry young... when im 20 or so .. like before i go for higher studies .. so what if i divorce at 25?? i wud rather spend time married to a person i love rather than rattehi vegen ... i dont see the point in those ppl who stay rattehivegen for 7 years before marriage n divorce after 3 years into the marriage..

it really does happen to some couples... they become boyfrend-girlfrend at around 17 and get married at 25 after spendin 7 years together as a couple.. n then they divorce at 28... i mean seriusly.. whats the use??? i wonder what happens... maybe they start fightin too much when they have to spend too much time together or something... well, everyone does need their own space... thats one of the probs married couples have... not knowin how to give the partner their own space... guess married couples have a lott of problems...

hmm... some ppl act like they are married wayy before they actually do get married ... thats also somethin that confuses me... do they really have to spend every waking moment with each other... sure i get that ppl would want to spend time with the ppl they love but ... all the time??? dont they get sick of each other?? if i had to spend too much time with anyone i think i wud get sick of them... whomever they are... kithamme loabi viyas ... moderate amounts of time are ok ... i mean, even if i was married to, or sharin an apartment with the guy... i wud expect my own space and time for myself... n i wud give that to the guy ... n ofcos time for other ppl i love... since ofcourse he wont be the only person in my life... i have family n friends too :)

i once did calculate my life... finish chse at 18... n then go for higher studies at 19... probably after getting married... n ill ofcos take the guy with me :P ... finish all studies by 23 ... come back home... get a kid around 24 cos then ill still be young enough to run after it etc etc ... have a fairy tale life :P all that ... though knowin me... n my luck ... ill have to work real hard for tht happily ever after :P ...

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and she's back

with no promises n a nice new template .... :)

say u missed me :D

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